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       Forum is our very own BBS protocol designed to be used in the
       pubnix.  It uses the filesystem as a  database  to  contain  posts  and
       takes  advantage  of file permissions, user ownership and file metadata
       (such as creation date).

       forum files are stored in the pub folder. (see pubdir(9))

       The aim of this project is to design a really simple protocol  that  is
       easy  to  implement  clients of. That would be really nice to see users
       write their own clients :).

       - will refer as /pub/user/forum to avoid repetitions.

              • -/description.txt refers to the biography of the user`

              • -/tag/post.txt refers to a post

              • -/tag/post/reply.txt refers to a reply of post.txt

       The protocol relies a lot on user ownership and file metadata for  post
       metadata and authorship.

       -/description.txt  is  basically  just  the biography of the user. Just
       like you would write your bio in any other social media.

       -/tag/post.txt is simply just a post. The  tag  directory  describes  a
       category where the post fits. Kind of like subreddits in reddit.

              *Example:* `-/technology/why_ed_is_based.txt`

       -/tag/post/reply.txt  is  a reply to a post. The user is responsible of
       adding a directory in the name of their post and give it  write  access
       to other users in order to let them reply to the post.

              *NOTE:* The authorship of replies is based on file ownership

       Every file that is not a .txt file must be ignored.

       The  markup  is fairly simple. It has been designed to be easy to parse
       but also human-readable as plain text. Here is a cheat sheet,  defining
       the post format and the markdown.

              This is the title of the post or reply

              | So I was saying, this is a quote
              | Useful for quoting other posts to reply

              This is *italic text*.


                  int main()
                      printf("This is a code block.\n");
                      printf("As you can see it is indented.\n");

                      return 0;


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