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       pm - p[a-z]+ m[a-z]+

       pm COMMAND [ARGS]...

       pm  is  the  pubnix user-maintained package manager. It works using pub
       directories (see pubdir(9)). You can publish, install and even  execute
       directly user packages.

       Each command matches a specific action on the package manager.

       h, help
               Displays an help message then exit.

       p, publish FILE
               Will  publish  a  package  under the same name as the file. The
       file must be an executable. pm will ask you for a description once  the
       command ran.  All your packages are stored in your pubdir at /pub/user‐

       i, install PACKAGE
               Will install a  specific  package,  if  multiple  packages  are
       found, pm will ask you to specify the package author.

                  Packages are installed in *$HOME/bin*.

       r, remove PACKAGE
               Uninstall a package from your bin directory.

       u, unpublish PACKAGE
               Unpublish a package from your package repository.

       l, line
               Run it and see what happens :eyes:.

       s, search [SEARCH]
               Search  in  the  repositories. If nothing is specified, pm will
       list all the available packages.

       e, execute PACKAGE
               Executes directly a package so you don't have to install it  to
       try  it.  Like install, if multiple packages are found, pm will ask you
       to specify the package author.

       Packages are located in /pub/USERNAME/pkg/pkgname. pkgname is a  direc‐
       tory  that contains an executable file of the same name (pkgname) and a
       plain text file of one line named description. Making it easy to  index
       packages  and  package stuff. If you need to install more than one file
       such as config or whatever, you can package an installer that does  ev‐
       erything for the user.


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