Pubnix Manpages

unixlgbt(9)                      User Manuals                      unixlgbt(9)

       These  are the official pubnix manpages to help you use this pubnix and
       know what can you do in it. They include documentation of  how  to  use
       tools  included in our pubnix, how to use some of the installed content

       If you are reading this manpage that means you are  a  member  of  this
       pubnix!  Congratulations!

       You  should start logging in the irc using irssi or weechat. No authen‐
       tication is required. Just connect to localhost on port 6667 and join
        #general. You can access any channel, however there will  have  "stan‐
       dard" channels.

       You can also talk with us by joining one of the public rooms on Matrix!

       If  you wish to join our Discord server, please ask us an invite in the
       IRC or on Matrix.

       For more informations and rules about the IRC and  Matrix,  please  see

       forum(9), chat(9), software(9), pubdir(9), people(9), setuserland(9)

Pubnix                            March 2021                       unixlgbt(9)